food love, pt.1

I firmly believe the foods someone loves says a lot about who they are. And because this is only my second post, chances are that whoever (in all actuality, probably no one yet) is reading probably doesn’t know too much about me. So here’s some context that doubles as a guide for tasty foods you probably either forgot about, eat all the time just like me, or perhaps have never tried. This is FoodLove- part uno.

Sriracha hot sauce. That red bottle with the rooster on it tastes like red chile peppers and garlic made a spicy, garlicky love baby. Made by a Californian company called Huy Fong, this sauce is likened to crack in food discussion forums. And with good reason. I mostly eat it on top of fried eggs or in soup, and have also tried it on pizza as the label suggests (sounds crazy, but it was delicious!) If you’re already a convert and live in Austin, go to Thai Kitchen and have the Sriracha noodles, which cost only $7.50 for a huge portion. At first I was afraid to try this sauce because it looks really intimidating, but it packs more of a spicy flavor rather than heat. You won’t be sorry.

Nutella. Honestly, who doesn’t love Nutella? I really fell in love with this stuff when I went to San Francisco two summers ago and had a Nutella crepe. I had tried it before, but not sandwiched in between layers of really thin pancake-like structures, where it melted from the heat of the stovetop and was served dusted with powdered sugar. Gooey chocolate hazelnut heaven! The label suggests Nutella is a healthy breakfast when served on a slice of wheat toast for breakfast, but that is something I wouldn’t suggest for everyday since 2 tablespoons has 200 calories. Also, it is probably the only thing in the world Sriracha sauce doesn’t go with.

Gouda. Oh man, Gouda is my favorite cheese ever, because it’s so good-a! More specifically, smoked Gouda is my absolute favorite. This cheese from the Netherlands is usually described as having a smoky, nutty flavor; which to me translates to tasting sort of like bacon. Perfect for vegetarians! I usually find it at the Newflower Farmers Market at Manchaca and William Cannon for a good price, though if you’re not a cheapskate like me, Central Market and Whole Foods carry some excellent brands. It is perfect to eat just by itself on a round slice of baguette, though the boyfriend really digs it when I slip it into my mac n’ cheese.

Farm eggs. Don’t believe all the horror stories about salmonella, if you get fresh farm eggs from a reputable source they are so worth the “risk”. Besides being free of antibiotics, having more vitamins, and the added bonus of being cruelty-free; farm eggs just taste better. You’ll never know the difference until you taste one, then try to go back to eating eggs from the grocery store. Additionally, owning chickens in your own backyard can have benefits outside personal health. Plus, CUTE.

Bruschetta. Bruschetta sounds fancy, but the truth is, it is ridiculously easy to make. The key to making it well is fresh ingredients- I always use fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Grab a baguette, the aforementioned fresh ingredients, and some of your trusty olive oil, salt, and pepper and you’ve got it made (well, almost.) It becomes a cheap meal if you cut out the fresh basil and just use some dried. With mine I like a balsamic reduction that I cook separately while the bruschetta is in the oven, then drizzle over it right before I’m ready to eat.

That’s it for now. Post your faves!