I’m Rachel, a freelance writer and vegetarian living in Austin, TX, the greatest city in the world. My love for food evolved from working for various small businesses in the restaurant industry since I was sixteen, and continued to grow in my kitchen as I became a vegetarian, started cooking, and discovered how much joy I got from preparing wholesome meals for myself and others. Later on down the road, I discovered that food can also be powerful medicine. While I’m not the pinnacle of health (I have been known to gorge on Nutella) I take to heart the oft-repeated phrase “you are what you eat.”


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I’ve been following you on twitter and was wondering if maybe you would like to write an article for us! I feel weird leaving this in a comment but please e-mail me!

    Basically: we are a socially conscious resource for women on dating and making meaningful connections in Austin. Our website features eligible bachelors around town, articles to help a) women represent themselves better b) debunk dating cliches c) narrow the dating communication gap, and an advice column (ask abby style) written by a former pick up artist.

    Also, another main goal is to stay completely loyal to Austin and Austin culture.

    Basically, I was hoping you would write an article about the best places to take vegetarian and vegan dates, or maybe the best places to meet fellow vegetarian and vegans. Let me know!

    Madison Gardner
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Austin Bedpost

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