summer = smoothies!

Lately, I’ve been making The Daily Juice more of a regular stop rather than a once in a while treat after swimming at Barton Springs. I’ve been adjusting to cooking with all my new dietary restrictions, and while I’ve got it pretty much figured out now, I was worried about getting all my vitamins. A daily smoothie or juice really helped me during that adjustment period. Some favorites off their menu:

Depth Charge
(coconut juice, cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, cabbage, kale, and romaine lettuce) add hemp protein powder

Coco Love (fresh young thai coconut juice and banana) add kale and spinach

The Chronic (banana, hemp protein, hemp seeds, hemp oil, agave) add spinach

I’ve been sticking to vegetable juices and not fruit- mostly because I’m on a low-acid diet and most fruits are acidic, but also because vegetables provide the same essential vitamins fruit does without as much sugar. But I digress! No one does it better than Daily Juice, but a daily smoothie from there is an expensive habit for a college student to have. So today I made my own.

green drink!

This is a pretty easy smoothie to make, and even though it looks like liquid lawn, it actually tastes really good.

The Green Drink

2 frozen bananas
handful of spinach
4 tbsp hemp protein powder
3/4 cup or more almond milk

Enjoy- but only after admiring the particular shade of green you’ve just created!


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