DIY kitchen: bicycle wheel pot rack

This week, for my Technical Writing class at St. Edward’s, I had to create my own set of instructions using Instructables. When my professor handed out the assignment sheet, I started to get pumped about all the secret recipes I had to reveal, like how to make my awesome veggie chili. Of course I’m going to write instructions on how to cook something! It was a done deal. Except… my professor made food and cooking Instructables off-limits, in the hopes of achieving more technical projects.

So, naturally, I undertook something food-related I’ve been wanting to build in my kitchen for quite some time. I didn’t want to reveal my secret chili recipe anyway.

Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack

bicycle wheel pot rack!

More than any other room in a house, the kitchen is the one place where not having enough space is an absolutely crippling issue. Renovations like putting in more counter space or cabinets are extremely costly, and low-income college students like me not only don’t have the money, they rent instead of own their home. Although I’ve grown to love my little duplex with its hardwood floors and large backyard, ever since I moved in, my tiny kitchen with its’ crappy electric stove has been driving me crazy. I have more cooking equipment than the average student, and fitting everything into the cabinets of my tiny kitchen was not an easy feat. Since moving, I’ve been on the hunt for cheap and visually appealing solutions to my problem. I suspect that other people, college students or not, are looking for the same thing.

I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas this year and immediately decided to purchase a hanging pot rack from their kitchen section to relieve my troubles. Much to my dismay, the more stable-looking racks were priced around $100. My giftcard didn’t even cover half the cost after shipping, so I decided to go with the DIY approach. One of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy, offered a solution that fit my tastes and budget nicely: a bicycle wheel pot rack. After piecing together an almost-complete set of instructions from multiple websites and buying my very first power drill, I was ready!

With the help of some lovely people at Home Depot and a very patient boyfriend, a bicycle wheel pot rack now hangs proudly in my kitchen. Even though building the rack seemed a daunting task at first, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and the last thing I built was a wooden birdhouse in elementary school.

If you want your own, don’t fret! The whole point of this post is to show you my finished set of instructions, not just gloat about my new, hip kitchen accessory. Enjoy, and if you build, please share your results!


5 thoughts on “DIY kitchen: bicycle wheel pot rack

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  2. I have been looking for an inexpensive pot rack for the longest time, and they’re all bulky and ugly, and way out of my price range. This is perfect though, and it looks SO awesome! AND I’m about to get a new bike. This is my early-summer project.

  3. I just stumbled on this page surfing for the homemade pot racks. I made my own recently; hung by a angled wood and the wheel sits on its own parts (quick release) and the pot/pans is hanging craftily by clothes hangers.

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